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Welcome to the professional daily training for dancers at DC, as for this week join forces with My Wild Flag! With community as one of our curatorial pillars, we want to create caring and daring spaces, for bodies that leaks, bodies that resists and yields into the unknown. Bodies who want everything and nothing that in motion finds kinship and strength together. This week the morning classes will be held by the festival's artists as a way to get in the mood, share and try out practices and tools. We want to mix the curatorial intentions of the festival with the daily training, where international and local artists meet, sweat and dance.

Monday-Thursday, every morning is a new proposal, a new body, to create new thoughts and relations.


On Friday we join forces with Insister Space - AT ISSUE: PRACTICE, a collective inquiry, a space where particular matters are attended to and practices developed together. Rather than training the body as a tool or teaching something known, AT ISSUE is a space to collectively delve into various issues as a means to produce and transmit knowledge and critical practice.

Monday: Lydia Östberg Diakite & Casper Malte Augusta

Tuesday: Pontus Pettersson

Wednesday: Florentina Holzinger

Thursday: Florence Peak & Eve Stainton  

Friday: Gry Tingskog/AT ISSUE: PRACTICE

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