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Performances for Cats / Krõõt Juurak & Alex Bailey


Time: Thursday 6/9 15.00, 17.00

Friday 7/9 12.00, 14.00, 16.00

Saturday 8/9 12.00, 14.00

place: @your place

Tickets: Book your performance by e-mail

The performance is designed to interest house cats through the use of stillness and slow movement. The two performers move away rather than towards their feline audience and use imitation of various animals cats instinctively recognise. The performance takes place at the cats’ natural habitat (i.e. home) and lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. The owners are also allowed to witness the performance although priority should be given to the cat(s). The experience of watching this performance could resemble meeting creatures that are neither human not cat.

Would you like to book a performance for your pet? For booking write to Krõõt & Alex at Please mention name, age and species/breed of the pet. And the preference of date/time for performance which takes place at the home of the cat. We would also appreciate a photo and a few words about what the pet likes and dislikes.




Krõõt Juurak is an Estonian artist living in Vienna. She studied choreography and visual arts at the ArteZ, Arnhem and Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. She has been developing projects at the interface of choreography and performance since 2003. She has presented her works at institutions and festivals internationally, among them the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) Vilnius, Contemporary Art Center (CAC) Geneva, ImPulsTanz Vienna, de Appel Amsterdam, CIAP Hasselt, Kunsthalle Vienna, Tallinn Art Hall and deSingel Antwerpen. She has for a number of years been artistically concerned with the pet, and together with Alex Bailey developed “Performances for Pets” – performances created especially for pets. Her works are represented by Galerie International.


Alex Bailey is originally from Birmingham, United Kingdom now living in Vienna, Austria. He completed a photography degree before working at Eastside Projects, in Birmingham and later moving to Amsterdam to study an MFA at the Sandberg Institute. Here he met Krõõt Juurak and together they conceived the project Performances for Pets in 2014.  Alongside they have performed for over 100 pets in cities and homes across europe in both visual art and dance festivals. From 2016 he has also appeared and performed in contemporary ballet productions. He is the author of the practice Humourology, a study into humour related cosmic to comic communications. Both Performances for Pets and Humourology are represented by Galerie international, an immaterial gallery dealing exclusively with immaterial artworks run by Adriano Wilfert Jensen and Simon Asencio.

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