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Etude/The Somatic Incubator (Video installation)


Time: Wednesday 5:th of sept, can be seen before and after the performance of SLUG HORIZONS


This is a trilogy seen through the lens of theater, choreography, numbers, the bible and a camera. The video is a circle. The three acts are 1. Angelic Hysteria, 2. Bowl of Hygeia 3. Daddy giving death (birth, life and death) – each chapter focusing on biblical story telling and drawing lines to Christian infiltration in western state governance in 2018 and the bodies influenced by this regime. Representing the choreography of femme and angelic bodies used as guinea pigs for the pharma industry in order to gain medical knowledge for the capital of men. These are the bodies stuck between god and reality or men and money. These hysterical and non-binary bodies that are forgotten under the Necropolitical power abuse of the Dad (the state) whom has the power of giving death when Mommy has the ability of giving life.
Etude is a video work given form and shape to from the above mentioned. It is a collaboration between five artists who gratuitous contributed under the umbrella of The Somatic Incubator.   
Concept, Choreography and edit: The Somatic Incubator
DOP: Catherine Pattinama Coleman
Performer and Choreography: Lydia Östberg Diakité
Soundscape: Rachel Sitanala
3D animation: Sara Trier

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