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Urge2Verge & Choreography swapmeet

Time: Friday 7:th of sept - 13.00 - 17.00

Place: Danscentrum 

Tickets: There is non! the meeting is moslty for people in the buisness, but everyone is welcomed!


Choreography swapmeet 13-15

Lets look at the score of exchange economy, there is no production and all agents can do is exchange their initial possessions of choreographies living inside us.

Bring your choreography and exchange it with others.


This session will be an inventory of the choreographies inside of us and how we can consume them together as a community.


Maybe the choreography you made but never showed?

Maybe your posture after your last breakup?

Maybe your old dance phrase from school?

Maybe you know how to moonwalk?

Maybe your best dance moves?


Urge2Verge 15.30-17


Who is the contemporary dancer?

A talk moderated by Karina Sarkissova


What are the skill sets, the aesthetics, the physical body of the contemporary dancer as we know of today? What politics is the body producing?

What are the references used?

What is the experience and knowledge preferred?

What kind of dancers and embodied knowledge are we working with and (re)producing?

What is contemporary dance training, where does it happen?

How can institutions support the demands?

How can we include trans, queer and non-normative bodies and work with physical and artistic knowledge that bodies are containing?

How are the up and coming reading groups affecting production and infrastructure of the community?


Lets speak about the temperature of contemporary dance today, and what it is and how we are producing it.

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